Advocacy and Outreach

Do you need help getting your message out, advocating for your position, or bringing people together? Broad Conservation staff have experience with that. Let Broad Conservation help you meet your needs regarding conservation advocacy and outreach. 

We can help with:

  • Translating science to the public
  • Conference or meeting planning and logistics
  • Building partnerships
  • Developing or reviewing proposals for grants and contracts
  • Nonprofit reinvigoration efforts
  • Organizing fundraising events
  • Website and graphic design support
  • Miscellaneous outreach and education activities

Dr. Kate Savage 

(NMFS Alaska Region Stranding Specialist) 

Mandy has consistently been a highly valued member of any team: intelligent, innovative, personable, top-notch critical thinking skills, and is terrific fun.

Experience Highlights

Effective Communication of Scientific Information

  • Prepared written scientific analyses, agency opinions, and programmatic recommendations for management of controversial marine conservation issues
  • Represented and communicated organization positions at various forums, workshops, school events, public hearings, wildlife observer trainings, fairs/festivals, and industry and government meetings
  • Educated the public about marine wildlife issues through multiple formats such as brochures, website content, public presentations, interviews with the media
Proficient Collaboration with Multidisciplinary and Diverse Groups
  • Coordinated a 31-member international team, consisting of scientists and stakeholders (tribal, industry, fisheries, NGOs, military, and local/state governments), towards the goal of developing a recovery plan for endangered beluga whales
  • Identified and built partnerships to further recovery efforts for an endangered species
  • Participated in numerous natural resource assessment teams and working groups
  • Organized multiple public conferences and scientific workshops

Examples of outreach materials Mandy was involved with throughout her career:

  • NEW: Development of educational Wildlife Wednesday program for Alaska Wildlife Alliance (see current program FLYER)

  • Species in the Spotlight: Cook Inlet Beluga Whales (view VIDEO)

  • Cook Inlet beluga whale 360 degree videos (view VIDEO 1, view VIDEO 2, view VIDEO 3)

  • "Cook Inlet Beluga Whales: Threats and What's Next" (view FACEBOOK LIVE presentation)